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Sign Post Install - Presidential Posts

Sign Post Installation Order

We have ordered the signpost installation from our SignPost Contractor, Presidential Posts.  If you would like to contact them their contact information is on their website.

They group together orders by region around the Vancouver area so it can take up to 5 business days for the post to be installed. Please make sure you mark the location where you would like the signpost installed with a stake or screwdriver to make sure the installers do not hit a sprinkler line or other utility.

We recommend that you order a utility locator service if you are unsure of utility locations.

Here is the link to schedule the locator service:

If the post is not installed within 5 business days please let us know.

The Messick Team and Fathom Realty are to be held harmless for any damage or expense resulting from the installation of the signpost. 


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